Parasiil on mac

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Extreme desktop performance

Your computer desktop! You will visit it every day, same repetitive tasks managing windows, applications etc...

Standard MS windows users are doomed. People on Linux have a bit better destiny, they have multiple workspaces. Mac users do pretty well, Exposé gives them easy environment to work with multiple applications and windows. But still, for poweruser, this is not enough! Waisting time opening and closing applications and windows, yak...

My dream next generation desktop would look like this.

The outer wall of cylinder, is a desktop space, the square is visible part of desktop. It is possible to move cylinder with your mouse equipped with gyro chip. Once you lift your hand with the mouse, the cylinder appears and is semi-transparent and you are able to see which windows you must scroll in front of you. With simple mouse movement to left or right the cylinder spins. Once you put down your mouse, the scrolling environment disappears and desktop is stopped in the position when mouse hit the table. In idle desktop would act as a screensaver rotatiting slowly or be automatically scrolling to and highlightind windows with latest information. The radius of cylinder is configurable.